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Allot of saw this comming, 3 years ago watched Morage Brokers writing paper to people they knew could not afford loans now, much less than when the adjustables came due, everything was going on beacon score and no income verification, with as low as 5 per cent down if anything. They did it to make their commisions, then factor in oil going above 100 dollars a barrel, we all knew it was coming 3 years ago, Builders kepted building, construction loans were handed out like candy, we all made a fortune, then sold everything last year just before things finally went bust, what was left we simply let the banks take back properties and kept what was left of the construction loan moneies. People made a fortune, and the banks got burned due to their greed.

Everything you listed could have been taken into account and avoided if all the people were on top of what was going on as some of the smart ones did, people that planed for this that have money now are making a killing. That would take care of declining market.

As for new inventions, as for me, Im always going to trade shows around the country at least 4 times a year, the big ones, a person would know well in advance to something new about to come out, and either jump on board or set himself up not to take a fall.

unexpected overhead/infrastructure increases, Punching in the annual cost of living expense, and as for me, I add 20 per cent above everything as most do to take care of extra overhead. As for gas prices and not knowing how high above 3.00 a gallon, we simply added a fuel adjustment charge to compensate.

sudden departure/death/withdrawl of investors/partners , other than sudden death, everything should be addressed in future buisness plan and how and what to do to turn it into your favor, and to make sure that no investor, especially a partner ever gets the upper hand, and how to turn the tables against them. Sudden Death would require everything set up before hand on day one on how to address this if and when it happens.

All Im saying is if people put 100 per cent thought process into what consequnces will arise out of a hasty decision, they can avoid almost anything, and always be sucessful, even now, especially now, and if they are having problems with the thought process, there are very good buisness people out there and for a fee will help you make the right decision.

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