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Bluegrass Holsters ***SALE***

Bluegrass Holsters is doing it again! A FOUR Day New Year's Sale begins tonight at midnight and extends until 11:59pm on the 4th of January!

10% off the following holsters:

Mason-Dixon(tm) Convertible OWB to tuckable and adjustable IWB;
The Ghost IWB (both tuckable and non-tuckable versions);
Carson OWB;
The Colonel IWB;

This includes those with horsehide and shark options

The sale includes all Concealed Carry Belts, too.

Start the New Year out right by giving your favorite handgun and yourself a new custom holster and belt....and save some money to take a loved one out to dinner. It is my way of helping the economy!

Happy New Year and Stay Safe!

Begin Salivating Now!

Sponsor Showcase

Sponsor Showcase

Sponsor Showcase

Sponsor Showcase
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Bluegrass Holsters
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