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Originally Posted by BobbyT View Post
Here's my Crook County (20+ miles outside, but still firmly under the thumb of, Chitcago) voting experience. I work nights and left a little before 6am. Went home, put on my "Who is John Galt?" t-shirt, and headed to the church about half a mile away.

Gave them my name. They didn't ask for any ID, or even to confirm my address. Waited <2 min. for the person ahead of me to finish and voted.

By then it was a whopping 6:10am. So by lunchtime I probably could've voted a dozen times without even costing myself $4 in Chicago-priced gas.

This of course ignores the two full weeks before the election where you could vote early & often (why does early voting exist at all?) and the absentee voting which you can mail in with no one ever seeing you or how many fake names and addresses you do it under (why can anyone not stationed abroad vote absentee?)
This is why AZ passed the law requiring ID.
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