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Originally Posted by cpubugs View Post
If they didn't have a weapon loan them one of your kitchen knives. That last part was told to my mother by the local sheriff here in Polk County.
I call MAJOR BS on this statement. Grady Judd is an honorable man, religious, well educated and a total politician. He is absolutely not going to tell someone this crap.

Yeah, he did make the comment about "that's all the bullets they had" (for anyone who is wondering check snopes). I never said he was afraid to speak his thoughts, controversial or not. But he definitely isn't going to tell someone to do something illegal. I guess assenine statements like this is why we shouldn't believe all the internet hype we read.

It is quite common that people hear what they want to hear from a law enforcement officer. Regardless of what was actually said. So maybe your mama got it wrong, big surprise. I don't blame her, people usually fill in the blanks to make a fish story better. What else do you and/or mama fantasize about? Did George Bush call her on the bat phone and tell her to mix up some mustard gas and A-bombs and bury them in the front yard because "THE DAY" is coming??

See, I hate this S***. This is the kind of crap that surfaces and leads people to think that Polk County is a backwoods place, and the Polk County Sheriff's Office is a backwoods department. Which is so far from the truth it makes me sick. The PCSO is a 7 star nationally accredited agency, which is very progressive and well respected in the law enforcement community. PCSO has around 2000 employees that service 2010 square miles (the 4th largest county in the state).

Polk county has it's rednecks, trailer parks, dope fiends and ghettos, just like Orange County (Orlando) on one side, and Hillsborough County (Tampa) on the other side. Not as many, for which I am grateful, since I have my family here. In fact, that's probably why you see so many Hillsborough and Plant City patrol cars parked in neighborhoods over here. It's not like entering the twilight zone when you drive down I-4. The rest areas actually have in-door plumbing and everything!!

Sorry for the Hi-Jack.... but the thread wasn't real active anyway at this hour of the morning.

Rant over
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