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Originally Posted by cahilj View Post
I'll be moving to the KC area sometime around April 09. This has been part of my life plan for quite some time now, and I finally got the ball rolling. I'm coming from the Commiewealth of MA, and thats one of my biggest reasons for moving.

I'm looking for some online shooting forums specific to the KC area, or MO I guess, just to start getting aclimated beforehand.

Any info you guys/gals could throw out there for me, would be great. Good places to look for a house (I had planned on somewhere south of the city), anything I should plan for with customized vehicles (they're my other passion), whatever you think I should know. Thanks!

You would fit right in at my neck of the woods. We do alot of shooting and we are into rock crawling and old hot rods. We do most of our hunting in the backyard or the nieghbors. My nieghbor has a carlift in his building when we need to put a liftkit or whatever on. I have a small range right out the back door. Come down and see us.. .. Plenty of houses with land for sale around here.
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