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a "which 1911 should i buy" thread

seeing that this is a common type of thread, why not make a condensed thread with different (NIB) price points.

here's a few off the top of my head...

Less than $750:
Rock Island Armory (RIA)
STI Spartan
Springfield Armory (SA) Mil-spec, G.I.
Remington 1911-R1
America Classic
Desert Eagle

$750 - $1000:
SA Loaded
SA Champion Operator
STI Trojan
STI Ranger II
STI Guardian
Kimber Custom II

$1000 - $1500:
SA Trophy Match
SA MC Operator
Dan Wesson Valor
Dan Wesson Guardian
STI Duty One
STI Sentry
STI Rangemaster

$1500 - $2000
STI Edge
STI Premier
Springfield Custom Shop Custom Carry
Les Baer

over $2000
Ed Brown
Wilson Combat
Springfield Custom Shop
Rock River Arms

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