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Semper Fi!

Originally Posted by f4tweet View Post
Hi Doc, I used Oregon Trail bullets and they smoke a lot when fired. The barrel was also dirty. I use Rainier 180 gr. FP, not RNFP. 11.0 gr of AA-7, 1.250 OAL, WLP. and a crimp of .421. This is a published load for 1200 fps. Semper Fi Doc!
Stationed at Quantico in '72... took care of many U.S. Marines coming back from 'nam - trauma/surgery. You guys are great!

I've got some Speer 180 gr. TMJ (value pkg) bullets too. In "The Complete Reloading Manual for the 10mm and .40S&W", powder burning rate chart, in order of burn rates, N350 is #32 and AA#7 is #34 (suggesting N350 is a little faster). Could I substitute AA#7 for N350? (I'm shooting a G20 with a Lone Wolf fully supported barrel.) I got the N350 for .40S&W reloads, but like shooting the 10mm more. Appreciate any advice/input. Semper Fi!
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