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Quack;12114367]seeing that this is a common type of thread, why not make a condensed thread with different (NIB) price points. here's a few off the top of my head...
Less than $750:

$750 - $1000:
Dan Wesson (DW) CBOB
Kimber Royal

$1000 - $1500:
Dan Wesson Valor
Kimber Gold Combat II (Previous, not current production)
Kimber Aegis (New model with Commander hammer)
Kimber Tactical HD (New model)
Wilson Combat KZ45

$1500 - $2000 (Much closer to 2 grand)
Wilson Combat CQB (Base model)
Ed Brown Special Forces

over $2000
Ed Brown Special Forces Bobtail
Ed Brown Kobra Bobtail
Springfield Professional
The rest of the Wilson Combat models

Note: NIB prices are usually lower than MSRP
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