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Originally Posted by liliysdad View Post
I disagree, Bac. They are all Custom IIs, with varying levels of pretty. When you open one of them up, they all share the same guts. Perhaps, at tone time, this was not the case, but can assure you it is now.

Their "Custom Shop" guns are a farce.
I realize Kimber doesn't have a Custom shop, so to speak.

However, I see a very noticable difference in the fitting, finish, smoothness, trigger, and just overall quality, between the Super Match and the Custom II.

In fact, the SM comes with an accuracy guarentee and its a very accurate 1911, will the Custom II is average.

I realize I'm using the two extremes here, but the Super Match is a fine 1911. I thinks its the best full production 1911 on the market.
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