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Bac please read my post more carefully. I didn't say they are all exactly equal, I said similar in performance and quality, and I'm refering to all the models that fall within each of the above established price ranges, not the base model compared to the top of the line. I probably should have specified that.

I don't see the same upgrades in guts and performance-related options like you see, for example, between the SA GI and just one step higher in the Mil-Spec. With the SA you are actually deciding on performance related factors between the two guns in the same range +/- $50, where as with Kimber you just need to decide which cosmetic options you want, and things like ambi safety, more checkering, night sights, type finish. The one with more options is not a "better" gun, nor is either one a better "bargain" than the other.

Basically what I'm saying is regarding Kimber you can't just look at the above list and see "custom II" in the $750-1000 range, there are many variations a buyer needs to consider, and this choice is not about performance or quality.

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