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Originally Posted by cjlandry View Post
See? That's the whole reason I want to apply. I've never met a Freemason I didn't like.

I'm sure that I've met a lot of Freemasons without knowing their affiliation, but the ones who wear the rings, pendants, vehicle emblems, etc. have always been exemplary gentlemen.

I would like to be as fine and upstanding as those I've met.

I want to learn to be selfless, to be a better husband and father, and a generally better member of my community and society in general.

I focus too much on my own desires, and I want to get away from all that. I've tried religions and "fellowships", and none have worked for me, because they never made sense to me.

From what little I know, I believe that your organization can teach me things that I wouldn't be able to learn elsewhere.
From what you've posted, you would make a fine candidate. Freemasonry doesn't claim to make a "bad" person "good". Instead, the Craft seeks to make good men even better.

Masonry is not for use of personal gain. It is a way of life that teaches you to help others, live a moral life, and be a respected citizen in your community.

Masonry will aid you in being a better father, husband and citizen. As there is a time commitment, you will need the understanding and cooperation of your wife. Her sacrifice of having you absent, will pay off by having a better husband

Do not be concerned about appearance such tattoos, long hair, etc. It's what's in your heart that matters. Money is not an issue either. There are wealthy Masons and there are regular working men who are Masons.

You have met far more Masons than you know. The only true "secrets" in Masonry is the means by which one Mason might know another.

If you don't have the informaton on Lodges in your area, send me a PM. I'll see what I can do about hooking you up with a lodge near you.
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