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Originally Posted by mazdaboi View Post
nope no issues. keep the gun in a holster or locked in a case. I travel regularly from Southern VA to MD (parents house) with my G23 and 3 hicap 13rd mags. when i hit the MD state line i remove my magazine and put the unloaded firearm in a holster behind my seat. if you ever to get pulled over just explain you are transporting a firearm and your destination and remind the officer the firearm is NOT loaded. He/She would usually say "where is it?" you tell them then they respond "Dont reach for it and we will be fine". Sometimes you may get into a long drawn out firearm conversation (happened to me once)

But anyways.... you'll be fine, nothing illegal about it
Forgive me for being late to this thread.

You should know that in MD, a loaded MAGAZINE is considered to be a loaded FIREARM! Seriously. So when transporting mags within the state or through the state, the mags must be unloaded.
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