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Originally Posted by mr.scott View Post
I have one for my XD 40 and was going to order one for my glock 23, but an unknown source that isn't happy to have competition is trying to shut kholster down. :(
For someone to be able to patent a holster and enforce it is amazing. I guess they beat the bigger guys to the punch but don't want to go after them because the likes of Galco has a much larger legal department.
I hope Kholster pulls through as I won't spend the outrageous prices for the Tucker Gun Leather or Comp-Tac Minotaurs.
Interesting point of view. We're not involved in trying to shut Kholster down. I didn't try to shut Crossbreed or Minotaur down either. We have plenty of business and people do want holsters at different price points and quality levels. No harm, no foul.
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