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Originally Posted by g229805 View Post
do you guys like the red dot on top of the hand guard or on the side mount
I would have been ok with a low profile, quick release type side mount on my AK's actually... but ended up finding that on my SAR-2, with that type of set-up, that there was too much flex between the receiver & barrel which found me with a "shotgun" type pattern @ 50 yards... not good!

I get no such "shotgun" pattern with the Ultimak gas-tube mount...

HOWEVER, the biggest complaint about my set-up is for the fact that it does make the AK a bit muzzle heavy... hence the reason why I picked up a Aimpoint MRD as soon as I could! It does help.

Be warned though... the Ultimak gas-tube mount will bake apart cheap red-dots... the better red-dots will be fine, but you won't be able to get away with a cheap one for very long if you actually use your AK!
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