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Frontier treated me like they were selling used cars at a gunshow a few years back and I'll never do business with them. I all but asked the owner exactly how stupid do you think i am.

Coal Creek has too many days when they are just plain incompetent (and this was before nov election). They have also lied to my face.

Austins in Oak Ridge is very friendly, but stock approaches zero as they are just too small a shop.

Bass Pro and Gander Mtn have laughably high prices.

You will never get a fair price on a tradein. Buying, yes thats possible. But never selling to a dealer. Seriously, TGO is the way to sell.

I agree with the poster who said buy it online somewhere and pay the shipping/transfer fee. Steve Day of Day's Militaria in Clinton used to do transfers for $15 but he may just be working from his home now.
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