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There are no shortages of opinions here. Of course, one man's want is another man's need. Here is my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree. It is the nature of the posting on forums.

RL 550B in Caliber as Specified @ $ 406.95 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><O:P></O:P>REQUIRED if you want a Dillon

<O:P></O:P>22051 Strong Mount - 550/650 @ $ 45.95<O:P></O:P> OPTIONAL but depends on your mounting restrictions. I have it and like the work height<o:p></o:p>

<O:P></O:P>17950 Roller Handle - Aluminum - 550/650 @ $ 40.95<O:P></O:P><O:P></O:P> OPTIONAL and you can always add it down the road

<O:P></O:P>40 S&W Dillon 3-Die Set, Caliber as Specified @ $ 60.95 <O:P></O:P>You need dies from somebody

<O:P></O:P>22214 Bullet Tray - 550/650/SqDeal @ $ 37.95<O:P></O:P> Nice to have

<O:P></O:P>21528 Decapping Pins 10-Pack: Dillon Pistol Dies Only @ $ 4.95<O:P></O:P> SPARE PARTS but the pins are reliable. Check to see if one or two pins come in the spare parts kit.

<O:P></O:P><O:P></O:P>1541 550 Toolholder w/o Casefeeder - w/Wrenches @ $ 25.95<O:P></O:P> OPTIONAL

<O:P></O:P>20048 550B Spare Parts Kit @ $ 15.95<O:P></O:P> OPTIONAL but nice to have some parts around to keep you loading if some minor parts breaks

<O:P></O:P>11185 550B Empty Case Bin and Bracket @ $ 22.95 <O:P></O:P><O:P></O:P>Nice to have

200xx 4-Pack Primer Pickup Tubes, Size as Specified @ $ 19.95<O:P></O:P> OPTIONAL Nice to have extras but you can always order extras down the road

<O:P></O:P>13606 Primer Flip Tray @ $ 16.95 Nice metal flip tray but there are cheaper ones around

<O:P></O:P>10330 Reloading Manual - Lyman #49 @ $ 24.95 <O:P></O:P>You need more than one manual but shop around

<O:P></O:P>15164 Dillon 40 S&W & 45 ACP Stainless Case Gage @ $ 12.95 ea. <O:P></O:P>OPTIONAL but a gage is nice to have but a barrel works too.

<O:P></O:P>14398 Dillon 40 S&W/10mm Carbide 3-Die Set @ $ 60.95<O:P></O:P><O:P></O:P> Duplicated above

<O:P></O:P>20179 RL 550B Caliber Conv: 40 S&W/10mm @ $ 41.95<O:P></O:P><O:P></O:P> Make sure this isnít included in the price of the press

15166 Dillon 45 ACP Stainless Case Gage @ $ 12.95 Duplicated above

22058 Dillon Quick Change Kit @ 95.99 ( same here either this powder tool ) Nice to have everything mounted on a tool head with a powder measure<o:p></o:p>
Consider: Dillon installation DVD (I found it very helpful)<o:p></o:p>
Since you reloaded before I assume you have a tumbler and scale and stuff.<o:p></o:p>
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