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Originally Posted by fredj338 View Post
God what BS! I load on two 550B. If you have dies, all you need is:
1 add'l. caliber conversion for the caliber you want (comes w/ one)
1 add'l. tool head & powder thru die (makes changing easier
scale, calipers, primer flip tray, manual, that's it.
You can get a inexpensive tumbler form Midway. You can buy extra primer tubes, flipper tray, etc. later. You do NOT NEED, strong mount, handle, bullet tray, case feeder, blah, blah. You can always add it later but not needed to get going. So for $600 you are high speed reloading on quality equip.

Agreed. Completely.

Lyman Turbo Tumbler is around $50 or so, now. Mine is over 25 years old and going strong!
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