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Caliber conversion kit is the same as the 40 and 10mm, since the case diameter is the same (40=short 10mm). Same with the dies. Get the 10mm dies and you can load .40 with them. You have to adjust your depth a bit but that is no biggie.

The bullet tray and cartridge bin are nice but not needed right away. The quick change kit is useless and is not needed, especially for a 40/10mm swap. Use the same powder measure and toolhead and dies. Just dump out the powder before loading the other caliber unless you are using the same powder for both. Then just adjust for your drop and load up.

Get the press, set of dies (sizer, seater, crimp), the caliber conversion kit comes with the press (order the press for 40/10mm). Then get your manual or two.

I wouldn't order from the place that gave you the quote. There's about $482 worth of stuff you either don't need right off the bat or that they are selling you duplicates of (dies, conversion kit, quick change kit).

The only stuff that might make for a better experience is the strong mount, bullet and cartridge trays, and the roller handle. That's how I have mine set up and I load commercially on my Dillon 550.
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