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First, the OP mentions 3 different calibers: 40 S&W, 45 acp, and 10mm. I would assume that he's going to be taper-crimping the 40's and 10's, right? (Hard to do properly with only a set of 10mm dies!)

I think too much has been said about the salesman, 'taking this guy for a ride'. I'll just bet that before he's pulled the handle on that new press 1,000 times, the OP will be ready to upgrade to everything (or almost everything) the salesman originally told him. In my opinion nothing is as uncomfortable to use as a modestly equipped loading press; and, he's still going to need a powder scale.

One other thing: What's more annoying than having to take your pistol apart and disable it in order to use the barrel as a case gauge? At home my pistol is always loaded and ready-to-go. Dillon, also, makes the best case gauges I've ever used - better than Wilson.

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