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Originally Posted by CA Coach View Post
I dunno.... Just sayin' what I've seen. Like I said, other dies WILL work just fine, but when humming along at a good pace the Dillons seem to bind a little less, and I know they're built different for that reason. Not meant as a slam on other brands at all. And by "your press won't go" I didn't mean it is catastrophically seized, I just meant I've seen people have to wiggle the ram a little to make it go.
The only die that this really helps with is the Sizing Die. And when loading .40 shoot out of a Glock it's the first die to get replaced by a Lee or other brand because the Dillon doesn't size low enough for some people. The have chambering issues. So it's kinda hard to push people on the advantages of the Dillon when you run a chance it won't work if the guy is using Glock brass in a 1911 style .40.

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