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The loss of a good man... *Mike* G20man32904

I know I don't post here often and most of you don't know me, but unfortunately I am here with a heavy heart. G20man32904, aka "Big Mike" passed away today after battling illness for many years. Most of you know him as the originator of the "Ask a Trainer Thread" at the top of this forum. Mike was a friend of mine and he will be sorely missed. He was a mountain of a man, with a soft spot for our 4 legged friends. Mike could talk dogs and/or guns for hours and never get bored. He gave me advice(about guns and dogs, he knew more about both) and helped me train my boxer "Remington" when I was just about at my wits end.

I remember being at the range one day, guns popping off left and right. Then Mike pulled the trigger on his Smith and Wesson 500 (loaded with +P) and the entire range went silent (aside from a few "What the f*&# was that!" comments) The smile on his face was priceless!

Sometimes life pulls you in so many directions, and keeps you from spending more time with people you really like. I regret that I couldn't spend more time with Mike, and get to know him even better. Unfortunately, in his late 30's, G20man32904 was taken from us too soon. RIP "Big Mike", I think he would appreciate it if we all pet our dogs for a little longer tonight!
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