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The reserection of an old Benelli 121

Depending on where you read on the web, we seem to be approaching a time when most responcible people will be taking some steps to take care of themselves vs allowing the govenment to do it for them. I got thinking about what I had available.....

From the back of my gun safe, I pulled my old faithful IPSC Benelli out. I think the last time I put a round through it has to be 15 years ago...As I read about all the new "Gee Whiz" stuff, I got thinking why I could not just add a few accessories, run some rounds through it, to get my self functioning as a shooter again.. (I'm now 70 yo).

I bought the gun back in 1978, had some "Ghost Rings" mounted, it hold 8 rounds, and I found 500 rounds of saboted 500gr slugs in a forgotten amo can. (These will group about 8"-10" at 100 yards).

At this time I am considerting adding a green laser, and light to it. Maybe a ammo carrier, but I sort of like a bandolier. It still has a good sling, the old wood stock and forearm (I have better looking wood in some axe handles), but the same action as what is available it the most current models...

Anybody got arguments as to why I should buy a new gun ??
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