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I have continued with this little project. I added a 6 round ammunition carrier for my belt I looked at the stock and frame mounted units, but I still like my bandoleer, and something attached to my belt.
Found a Tactical Shotgun Tri-Rail Barrel Mount that will actually mount on the magazine, found my sling, and had a QD for the end of the hand swell in the stock. Have a green laser, and small but very bright flashlight that will mount on this both with pressure switches.

I might add a mercury recoil tube in the stock, just to take a bit of sting out of my slug loads...Also found about 500 rounds of 00 buckshot, that I bought to get back into practice.

I am considering taking a 4 day class at front sight, or some other name place, just to remind me what I used to do as 2nd nature. (That ought to chase the bugs out of this gun that has been a safe queen for way too long.) Once I have 1000 rounds through the gun again, and if it is a flawless as it used to be, I will have super confidence in using it should I have to attend to any serious social occasions.

Sort of like old men and old guns go well together.
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