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Well this is still a work-in-progress. Here is what is done...

1. Chased the spiders and webs out of the gun, and cleaned it.

2. Added a small Picanini rail on the magazine tube.

3. Mounted a Fenix 6P 290 lumin light just under the magazine...(Waiting for the momentary switch to operate it.) As you can see it is very solid in that position.

4. Added a 35 mw green laser on the right side. (The switch has yet to be mounted and secured).

5. Still debating about my IR heat seaker. (This will locate warm bodies out to 50 yards or so) It is used to find warm bodies hiding behind great.

I will inlet the wood and then permanatly mount the momentary light switch for my fingers on the right side of the forearm.

I will do the same thing on the left side so my thumb can activate the laser.

Now this is no limp wristed laser. At 25 yards it does give a green glow to the whole area it touches...also if you sweep it across somebodies eyes, they are screwed for about 20 minutes...(Old guys don't fight stronger, they just fight smarter). In serious social situations, being able to blind your advisary, and make head shots seriously shortens the time you need to be fighting....It will also keep somebody from being able to get a sight on you.

Next is to take it all apart again, send the upper reciever and barrel to Mag-na-port, and get that taken care off. It will reduce muzzle climb.

I have also added a Kick-EZE slip on pad...not that the other recoil pad was bad, but when we put the ghost rings on, and shortened the stock, shooting slugs has my thumb hitting my nose with a solid cheek weld. So I needed an additional 3/4" added and the slip on pad does it.

You will also not I have reloacated the bottom sling swivel. Better for an African carry, and better when you have to slip it over your head and use your handgun.

As I progress, I will post some more if any one is intrested.
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