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Originally Posted by G22 Kid View Post

Before you inlet the stock though, I would take it out and shoot a bunch of rounds through it with that flash light and laser on there. I have heard, no personal experience mind you, that sometime they don't like lights and stuff being hung of the front of them.
That is true with light loads, since this will be #1B or #00B and BRI sabot slugs, it has plenty of recoil to keep operating. I will be at Front Sight for the 4 days course so should get a good test there, and if this old mans skills are still embedded in the brain somewhere, and the antique body hold together, I will return for the Advanced course. (Got to qualify "distinguished" in the 1st course to take the 2nd course).

Seriously....I do not think the weight is more than 2 shotgun shells.

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