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I wanted some additional information from Ramshot regarding Enforcer and True Blue because they don't have any official data published. McNett seems to be getting pretty good velocities from his enforcer load. Anyway, I sent an email and Ramshot responded promptly.

From Ramshot via email:
Since Enforcer is way too slow burning for the 10mm Auto it will require a severe compression with a loading density of 120%+ and we do not publish loads that compressed for general use.
Since there is no danger of causing over pressure you can certainly experiment with any level of compression that you are willing to do with that combination.
For True Blue we suggest as follows.

Caliber: 10mm Auto.
Barrel length: 5”
Powder: Ramshot – TRUEBLUE
Bullet weight: 155 grains.
Start load: 9.0 grains (1200 – 1300 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 10.0 grains (1300 – 1400 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 180 grains.
Start load: 7.5 grains (1050 – 1150 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 8.6 grains (1150 – 1250 Ft/p/sec).
Bullet weight: 200 grains.
Start load: 7.1 grains (980 - 1025 Ft/p/sec)
Maximum load: 7.9 grains (1050 – 1150 Ft/p/sec).
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