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Well more to report on this little project....(Sort of nice when you have owned something for years, so spending a little money on it is pretty easy). I feel sorry for you guys that haft to spend $1200+ just to get the basic gun.

I have the gun completely disassembled, and am waiting to hear from VANG if he can do the VNG + porting on these old Benelli? I tried to get it ported some time ago, (like 25 years) and they could not do it because the upper receiver remains attached to the barrel. Magana Port said "No Problemo", but would rather do the forcing cones and back boring as well.

I pulled that cheap stock off, it is really soft wood, I had a 3/4" X 8" C & H mercury tube to slip in the stock...decided to take it to some wood working guy and I can really screw stuff up, if it takes any artistic ability. I can get a piece of hardwood, and maybe next winter will pull the stock off again, and take it to duplicating machine, and get a good piece of walnut on the back of the gun. (Not for the looks but for the strenghth. ). It is about $150 to get that done.

I also should get this week my Tiritium front/rear ghost ring sight. Heat up the front sight, and silver solder the new one on, I think the ghost ring I have now will just swap out with the tritium one.

I have now replace my sling with a Giles tactical sling.

I signed up for a Front SIght 4 day tactical shotgun course in Sept. So it will get 500 rounds through it at that time.

Still debating about adding a Browning slug choke. Will need to have the barrel threaded to accept it, but should help with my sabot slugs accuracy. !st I will try it after barrel modifications to see if I need more or not. (I think I was holding about 6# at 100 yards with the BRI sabot slugs, (But you know old memories...that was 25 years ago, and even the ugly girls seem pretty today). Need to experiment.

As progress happens, I will post again in a few weeks.
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