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Originally Posted by bklynshooter View Post
galupo - I shoot at Bay Ridge as well. Usually on a weekday morning.

Have you tried (forget name) shop on New Utrecht Ave in the low 80s - under the El and right near Waldbaums? I got my Glock 19 up at Thruway Sports in Walden, near Newburgh. If you are willing to drive you might also check the gun shops in Orange County. I was also up in Margaretville this past weekend and they had a Glock 26 9mm for $350 - slightly used. But great price.
I shoot on Weekends.
I'm an office Jockey m-f 8-6 lol...
I don't drive unfortunately...
Glock 26 for $350 damn Maybe I should have that shipped to Fl as a nice BUG.

Send me a PM would love to meet other shooters in Brooklyn
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