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Originally Posted by Txnowtn View Post
By doing that don't you have to pay sales tax, (which is more than $25.00 transfer fee)?

Any time I've ever looked at Gallery of Guns, they want full MSRP.
You're correct on the tax issue. When I purchased my G20sf in February, the tax was twice the transfer fee. I didn't stop to consider the tax question. But, in hind sight I did still keep more money in the local economy, and I supported a good range with great people.

When using the genie, one must click the INSTANT QUOTE button to get pricing from nearby dealers with tax and fees figured in. A deposit and its on the the way. My 20 was coming in the door before they even got their order off. Sevier Range offered a selling price of $546 when the MSRP was $637. it may not have been the cheapest but it was close. I believe wholesale was near $481.
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