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Originally Posted by Greybeard View Post
Quote: "Hand guns are not the instant killers everyone makes them out to be"

You got that right! A "real world" example: During "extended spike and doe season" last weekend in Runnels County, I had a 40-yard shot on an old fat doe.

Handgun was Ruger SBH, 7 1/2" barrel. Hornady factory ammo, 240 grain XTP. Box sez 1900 fps at muzzle.

The doe had been facing me, but I waited until she turned predominately broadside before dropping the hammer. The XTP to lower chest made about a 1 1/2" entry hole in her hide, punched a slightly smaller hole into rib cage, caught the top of heart and one lung before leaving a barely-bleeding exit hole about 1/2 that diameter in rear of opposite side ribs.

Did the doe drop right there? Hardly. She immediately turned 180 degrees and ran like the wind for a solid 60 yards before piling up. After taking virtually a "text book" shot through the heart from a premo .452" 240 grain bullet traveling at around 1800 fps.

Does not exactly give even a .45 fan (with only about 1/2 the velocity) the warm fuzzies, huh?
My friend an avid deer hunter gun and bow. Nailed a deer with the 30-06 which should have dropped dead. It ran a 100 or so yards then dropped. Nothing is guaranteed 100% in bullet performance.
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