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Originally Posted by BOGE View Post
I am for deporting ALL illegals, however it should not be a requirement to read & speak English as that would have eliminated millions of legal immigrants in the past. The last man George A. Custer spoke with (and lived) was an Italian immigrant who did not speak English. I am assuming that you believe that these illegals are all voting for Obama. How would you feel if they were voting for McCain? Tens of thousands of European immigrants fought on both sides in the Civil War and most did not speak English. I DO feel however that they should show LEGAL proof that they are LEGALLY eligible to vote which is probably not the case here. The Left Wing loons have fought that tooth & nail as they know most fraudulent voting is done on the Dem. tickets. Speak English? No problem as long as you can show you are legally ELIGIBLE to vote.
I couildn't have said it better.
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