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I will sign up for a first run frame test. I have far more rounds (assorted grains, bullet-types, etc., and more than 1000 rounds in each) than the required number on hand. I have access to several ranges and an FFL. My Lone Wolf customer number is 40064 - you can see that I have several LWD barrels, slides, internals, stock barrels, can run it with or without the LWD compensator, different weight springs, etc., if you like. I also bought the LWD ported G26 - my record will indicate that I am a fan and user of LWD merchandise. My stock slides only have a few hundred rounds through them. I have the training to be objective (PM me if you want more info on this). I can document reliably with 15-MP photo/video; can do indoor and outdoor shooting.

I am ambivalent to the frame. I like my stock Glock frames just fine, but I also like to try new things to see how they work. Among the several ranges, shoots, strangers and friends that I shoot with, I tend to be the one that starts a conversation and tries the new gadgets. I rarely negatively criticize shooters or equipment, but I also state my opinion and experience freely. I am a member of a research panel and I know the importance and tact of keeping new products confidential until final products are ready for distribution to the masses.

I look forward to this opportunity. Please count me in. Feel free to reach me here or through the info attached to my account at your business.
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