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*Pics*>My Glock 17 Turns 23 Next Month!

My Glock was used for some law enforcement evaluation. Most of the guys didn't know what to make of it. They were leary at best. The 1911 crowd wanted nothing to do, with the caliber or construction. Pretty much the same with the magnum boys. Couldn't blame them much. The Smith L-frame was sweet, and the Remington 125gr. scalloped JHP's was king of the hill.

I recall one Capt.; a grizzled Screaming Eagle, took one look, handed it back, and said... "it has no future." I wanted to cry!

Capt. Billig I might add, still considers the polymer framed pistol a passing fad. It and the personal computer.

I was allowed to purchase it for $254, plus tax.

Within a year or two, I went back and purchased three more of the first gens. Stupidly traded two, but still have one other NIB.

At Glock's original building, I recall a couple things back then. They shot Hirtenberger 9mm by the pallet, and hi-cap magazines were handed out like peppermint candies, at a diner cash register. Oh, and the techs HATED the new-fangled 147gr. subsonic ammunition. They said that Glocks liked hot ammo, and these subs, were about the only thing that could make a Glock choke.

What's wrong with this picture>? Yep! The original case allowed for the gun to be put into it "hot!" Story goes, that a well-to-do attorney, ventilated his fridge fumbling with his Glock 17 at the breakfast table. The case was quickly changed! For many years after, every year, when I showed up for my annual inspection, Glock staff begged & pleaded for me to allow them to take the "dangerous" original case off my hands. NO WAY!

I haven't seen another case, with the area for individual cartridge storage, even among other 1st gen 17's. Anyone>???

Glock Collector's Club

The barrel is original.

Glock Collector's Club

The gun has never been refinished, and shows some age.

Glock Collector's Club
Glock Collector's Club

Glock has made many upgrades to the gun, over the years. Never been charged for anything, including new springs for ALL the magazines I bring. They always like to give ya free Glock stuff too, like stickers, and pins, and pens and such! Nice folks...

I have gone through a lot of sights. Most night sights have not thrilled me, and I have tried a lot. I have some hi-viz on their now, and I can't even recall the brand, but that's OK. They have sucked, and I am going to put Advantage Tactical on her. My Glock 26 has XS Big Dots, and for a BUG, up-close, I think they rock! Advantage Tactical are big, bright, and good for middle-aged eyes.

My biggest complaint is the grip, or ah...lack there-of. The later attempts at improvement have been OK, but I think it's one area, where other guns like the M&P and the XD have it on the Glock. I tried several slip-on sleeves, but didn't care for them constantly shifting. Then, I applied "Decal Grip" strips to the gun, and it made all the difference in the world! Good product, especially for these Glocks.

As long as the folks at Glock find the piece 100% sound & reliable, I see no reason to retire her. She is still my main carry weapon.

Watch your sixes, and Glock-on!

We have come a long way, from the Colt Detective Special. I think Joe would approve!

Glock Collector's Club
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