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LOL! No, I could never divorce her, nor trade her away...

She's one of my most cherished possessions.

Now my biggest prob, is deciding on a pocket pistol, to back her and the Glock 26 up.

I looked at the Smith 340, but mini-magnums are whack-o. The Big Dot sights are most excellent on the gun, but they and a few oz.'s of lost weight over the 442 are not worth the extra $$$.

To be honest, I really, really like the 12oz. Charter Arms "Off Duty." Very sweet. Charter's new owners seem to have the company, up to the standards of the original models, plus they are bringing out a lot of new ones.

The other two choices are the Kel Tec Pf9, or the Kahr PM9. I could buy TWO Pf9's and some goodies with what one Kahr costs.

Some Pf9's seem to work fine after some break-in, while other people swear off them.

Any thoughts appreciated...
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