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Originally Posted by why View Post
No lead unless they are hardened and no Cu plated bullets. They can/do shrapnel to some degree.

The original poster indicated that he wasn't interested in reloads, but I thought I'd give a quick reply to this post. I've loaded and shot about 1000 rounds of copper plated bullets with good results. A 180 grain Berry's FP at < 1200 fps works well with no signs of "shrapnel" etc. Also, make sure to crimp just enough to remove the bell. There certainly haven't been leading or copper fouling at all through my stock Glock barrel. Thought I'd throw that out there because, by using plated bullets, I have found load that works cleanly in my stock barrel and costs about 16 cents per round to reload. It has been great for "volume" work. Push them too hard or add too much crimp and the plated bullets do become unraveled.

Soft lead through a stock Glock barrel should be avoided. I've had good results (although not extensive experience) shooting hard-cast gas checked bullets in my stock barrel. Only slight leading that cleans up easily.
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