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Originally Posted by MidwestKimber View Post
Did you call other places? Try TopGuns in Imperial, Dunns in Pevely, Denny Dennis in Fenton or MidAmerica Arms on Gravois rd in Afton.

Been to all at one time or another believe I have checked but If you get by and see som let me know

Not a lot of gun shops in North County or in the City. I consider those places ghetto, and anti gun. Obama won most of the votes in North County.

Pretty broad generalization. I would not know tho.

Cabelas is located in Hazelwood. However Hazelwood police are very anti gun and their chief when ccw first came out instructed his officers to confinscate any firearm for balistic evidence. I refuse to spend any money in Hazelwood.

Ya I knew that and believe he has gotten sued since. I am from JC and my sheriff joined the truth squad. Freaking POS I will donate time and money against him
See response above
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