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Originally Posted by jjtroutbum View Post
See response above
If you're looking for a sight pusher I havent see any for sale. However Topgun might have one. if I recall they are a Glock Armor.

You can also call MidAmerica and see. A few years ago I bought a G34 and wanted to change the sights. I took it ti MidAmerica and one of the owners installed my new sights for free. I didnt even buy the gun or sights for him.

Just suggesting that so if you dont want to spend the money for a sight tool you could try a couple gun shops, see if they will do it.

Do you know who Otto is in Afton? He's a gunsmith, probably the best in the Midwest, maybe one of the better ones in the nation.

Im not sure of his prices though, but he does great work.
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