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Originally Posted by DLL9mm View Post
So Far I have fired the following ammo through my G29...
Winchester Silvertips
Hornady 180gr. XTP
Winchester Black Talon
PMC 200gr. FMJ
Double Tap 135 gr. Nosler
Double Tap 200gr. FMJ
Double Tap 165gr. Gold dots
Double Tap 180 gr. Gold dots

I am awaiting ammo orders from Georgia Arms and Reeds. I think I may actually might go with the SilverTips for carry, since I can shoot them pretty accurately. The most accurate were probably the Black Talons, that is probably because they are "Weak" compared to the rest. The DT 135gr. Noslers, are probably the most Fun to shoot, because of the loud crack. I haven't had the G29 for a month, and I have 300+ rounds through it. It is my carry gun, so I had to really "Test-it".
My most accurate loads I loaded for my 29 were;
A. PD was the 135 gr Nosler tripping about 1650 fps.
B. for paper punching was LSWC/HP Hornady 170 gr 1050 fps range.

You should see my 200gr Hornady JHP loads from my 610-3 6.5", makes for a real stopper and are carried in the 610 5" when packing it now.

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