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Not only is he an Obama supporter, but I think that their customer service is rotten.

I had some Trijicons installed on my 23 (for the princely sum of $110 for the sights and $40 for the install, could have had them done at Virginia Arms in Manassas for around $90 all told, but they didn't have them in stock).

I live in DC, so while it's not a HUGE pain for me to get out there, it's not a short jaunt. I went in, they said I'd have to leave my slide. Sure. They say that they'll call me when the sights are finished.

I wait a day.

I wait another day.

...four days later I call (and putting sights on is about a five minute job).

"Yes, I was wondering if my pistol is ready, I had....."

"Can you call back, we're really busy right now."

Seriously? Can I CALL BACK?

Well, I did. "Yes," they said, "your slide's done, you can come pick it up."

So I drive 40 minutes out there to pick up my slide. Lo and behold, the front sight is crooked--and I'm not exaggerating at all--by at LEAST ten degrees.

I ask the guy at the counter, "is there a reason this sight's so far off?"

" it off? Let me see. Oh, yeah, I guess it is a little off."

I will NOT be going back to Blue Ridge for anything, ever, ever again. (and this was BEFORE I found out the owners were Obama supporters....ugh, puke).

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Just one thing to consider, the owner of Blue Ridge is an Obama supporter.

The NRA range is also cheaper per year and allows rifles at its indoor 50 yard range. While you can shoot rifles up to .30-06 at Blue Ridge, it's 25 yards.

ANother one to try is Gilberts Small Arms Range in Lorton (a bit of a hike for you), but it's the cheapest deal around at $235 for the year vice 300 for the NRA, and close to 500 for Blue Ridge. Gilberts also has guns for sale unlike Blue Ridge (well, they have 5 and they're all HK, Glock, or SIG).
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