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harris needs to be sht down

Originally Posted by mr2trout View Post
Hey, I just got this notice from Georgia Carry.....

"Joe Harris of Creekside Firing Range found out that Bartow County Planning Commission has a new amendment that would significantly restrict and potentially shut down the operation of gun ranges in Bartow County. This amendment would affect Adairsville Range and Barnesley Gardens ranges as well. Included in the amendment are controls on the hours of operation, restrictions on the rates of fire, increased acreage requirements, and prohibition on personal protection and tactical types of training. The hearing is THIS Monday June 1 at 6PM at 135 West Cherokee Avenue, Cartersville, GA 30120 ( 770 387-5007 )

[URL],+Suite+135,+Cartersville+ga&sll=37.370 157,-95.712891&sspn=50.526206,70.664062&ie=UTF8&z=17[/URL]

Joe has asked for our help to fill the hearing room with folks wearing Guns Save Lives buttons. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Joe at 770-634-2144 or [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

[URL=""]Here is a news story pertaining to this restrictive range ordinance[/URL].
"They're targeting three to four businesses," he said. "They're trying to shut us down. There's no question about it ... They're trying to impose restrictions to where nobody can stay open.

"I've conformed to every law Bartow County told me to conform to. All these people from the county approved [my range] and now they want to change it."

Let's show up Monday evening and support the range owners. Without a place to train, the right to bear arms becomes meaningless.

creekside needs to be shutdown, it is not safe and is to exspensive. I hate it for adairsville because he has a good place and treats people alot better than creekside
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