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Originally Posted by Cody Jarrett View Post
Absolutely wrong. I teach the NYS penal law and there is no law prohibiting the possession of ammunition other than armor piercing.

NYS PL270.00(4) prohibits the sale of "pistol specific" ammo to anyone without a license. Wally world pushes this to the max but most sporting goods stores don't as many calibers have application in pistol or rifle.
I did not intend to imply that any type of ammunition is prohibited. Just that if you don't have a permit and your found with ammo on you that you'd be arrested. Why would a person without a permit have ammunition on their person unless they skirted NYS PL270.00(4)? Strangely, you've been nice enough to supply the appropriate code section that would support this assertion right after you dinged my comment as being a falsehood.


What ever. I'm certainly not an expert on NYS Penal Code and since I don't live in NYS any longer I really don't worry about such nanny state matters.
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