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Originally Posted by MapleCove View Post
Thanks for the info. I believe this will probably be the last year we go to OC for vacation. As I get older and have a family that I am responsible for I find the desire to have a handgun with me all the time. Plus, there seems to be more gang related fights on the boardwalk every year.

Myrtle beach and the Outer Banks are more friendly to gun owners and honor my carry permit.
If I had to think about carrying a gun on my vacation I wouldn't go there. Not much rest and relaxation if you think about it.

As far as Ocean City is concerned: You'll be fine, just stay away from the rif-raff at the base of the boardwalk between 12am and 2 am. Any other time, you are safe and the city is fairly quiet.

Staying in OC and have small kids... drive to Rehobeth DE. The prices are much better for rides and stuff. The boardwalk is very quiet with far less "characters" than OC. Takes about an hour and the kids will enjoy it.
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