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Originally Posted by MapleCove View Post
Where do you go that is 100 % safe and you don't have to worry about protecting yourself and family? Must be the same place that dosen't need fire extinguishers and spare tires for cars.

Try the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KL. Any sign of disorderly conduct and it disappears...real fast. Next to the Petronas Towers.

Another place is Red China. You want safe... you can't get any safer than 1,000,000 red army gaurds in your district with AK47's and a very obedient society. Want to gamble, fly to Maccau. Great hotels, excitement and food.

Living large try Australia, no crime, no problems. Ironic the place was once a penal colony.

Several small islands in the Carribean have very tight security if you want to relax.

In all seriousness, in the USA you take your chances and minimize the risk by choosing a quality location. If you ever tried Bethany, Rehobeth or the Deleware beaches, they are very quiet compared to OC.

If you stay in the VA area, Asseteague Island has rough accomodations but if camping is your style... you can keep your arms although it is a park area not sure about carry laws?

If you really want a quiet place that has a nice beach good food but peace and relaxation try Cape May NJ. Best East coast beach, clean, very quiet, a little pricey, but OC ani't cheap either.

Best of luck...
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