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ACTUAL MD turnaround time on purchase check

I have a friend in MD who's just put a deposit down on a new pistol.

When I lived in MD years ago, it was BG check plus 5 days and even if the check came back early, the dealer had to hold it 5 business days.

I've come to understand the current backlog is 10 business days.

My friend is now in his 3rd week, 12 days and counting.

What the heck is going on there? If only 5 days are required, why don't they just run the IBC and hold it, or let the gun store handle it?

Or is that part of the scam? The storm troopers don't want anyone having a pistol, period, so they just drag their butts and get to it when they feel like it?

What is the current experience here in various parts of the state?

When I lived there, it was AA county, and for that jurisdiction it was handled by county police.

Where my buddy lives, he's in Centerville and bought at a shop in Easton and it is probably going thru the State Police. Do they send this stuff up to Pikesville and mail it or try to handle it at a local barracks with limited staff?

Anyone here that can relate the real deal? Thanks for any info.

And, life is much better here in VA, after 20 years in MD. I'm in and out of a store with a Bushmaster M4 with 30 rounders if I want, in 15 minutes.

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