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Originally Posted by backbore View Post
Oh brother, politics gets into this area? Politics? Leave it in the lounge.
No, its regionally relevant and I'm glad I was here to find out. I concur that the inventory stinks, the help is lousy and its pathetic as a gun store. That said, I poke my nose in the door once every six months or so just to see if there's any improvement.

If he's really an Obama supporter, I'm never setting foot in the place again and i'm glad the flow of info here helped me find out. Its on my NEVER AGAIN list with Purcell Guns in Purcellville for lousy service and attitude too.

I can second VA Arms in Manassas as a high quality, friendly and reasonable shop. I think they might send out some of their gunsmithing but they WILL take care of you. I'm pretty sure he does not support Anti 2A politicians either.
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