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Originally Posted by srothman View Post
My problem with Fusion is with the quality for the price.

A lot of people are spending $1,500.00 and up on building a "custom" gun. While the features are custom, the quality is not.

Fusion builds a production quality gun, no matter how much money you spend. The quality is along the lines of a Springfield, Kimber, etc.
I am only buying a frame and slide kit and building my own using Wilson and Brown parts. Could you elaborate on why you feel that Fusion builds guns to the same quality of Springfield and Kimber? Are the Fusion small parts made using the MIM process? When I last looked, all their trigger groups were made from Bar stock steel. I also want to know if you are basing your opinion because you own one or if you are basing your opinion from what you have read? Please elaborate if you feel inclined to.

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