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Originally Posted by custom2 View Post
From what I can tell and for what that's worth, I think buying one of their kits is a good buy for a tinkerer like me. Their frames are either forged SS or forged CS now. I don't care who makes them for Fusion, I'm going to buy one unless a used Valor or CBOB pops up out of nowhere locally. I don't know if I would buy one of their pre built guns or have them make one for me though. The only thing I want them to install for me is the plunger tube, pre fit the sights and extractor. The rest is up to me.
Its going to be sheer luck if a CBOB or Valor pop up used anytime soon. I don't think I've ever seen a used model of either on display anywhere. I never saw a new Valor either. I haven't seen a new CBOB in a long time. They just aren't around.

The staked on plunger tube and extractor are certainly wise to let someone do, in my opinion.
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