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Hi Steve,

Oh yes I plan on being there! The Pueblo matches are always fun and challenging so we try not to miss that one (even though they are the farthest ones from home).

Thank you for sharing your load info. I have seen reloaders using anything from 3.6gr to 4.3gr of Solo 1000 with 124/125gr bullets. I know that I need to chrono any new loads I make but I have been looking to narrow my start load to within a few decimals of a grain.

Since you are using FMJ bullets and I am using LRN, I think that I will reduce the load by 12% or 15% and start experimenting at 3.5gr (and load up from there). I am hoping to end up with a load that gets me somewhere in the neighborhood of 130PF to 132PF.

Once again, Thank You!
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