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Originally Posted by BOB_HOWARD_13 View Post
Can this be done? I noticed that the cases that I have are bulged, they were factory loads to begin with. Can I reload them and fire them in the stock bbl again?

Thanks in advance!
All brass bulges when fired, that's why cases must be resized. Unless some are severely bulged (especially, at the feed ramp position on one side), you'll be just fine. A concentric bulging of the middle part of the case is no issue and normal sizing dies should do an adequate job. Always make it a practice to run loaded rounds through either a case gauge or do a barrel test...whichever, is tightest.

Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
This guy is worried about safety and you guys are arguing about dies.
Good point and talking about "bulged brass" as a generalization IMO, serves no purpose. There's "bulged" brass and then, there's "BULGED" brass. If it's "guppied" at the 6-O'Clock position, I'd consider that far more suspect Vs. a normal, concentric, swell toward the middle which poses no problem with either reloading or as a safety issue.

Originally Posted by Jumper View Post
Because the die's are the solution to his safety concerns.
I have Dillon dies, Lee Dies, EGW U-Dies (made by Lee) and the Redding GRX die .40 push-through die. I make it a habit on all range pickup brass to run them through the U-dies before use. I have never found a case (out of over 30,000 so far) that failed to gauge or chamber. On loads fired in my guns, the Dillon dies have always done just fine as have, the Lees.

The Redding GRX gives me pause, though. I got one to experiment with more than anything else and although it seems to work as advertised (reduces the diameter near the case head), I'd have serious reservations using on brass that was significantly bulged in that area. Working the brass in the area it is hardest (and, was never intended to be ductile) just don't seem like a wise decision.

As an experiment, I took about 50 .40 caliber cases & lubed them, ran them through the U-Dies. As always, every one just cleanly dropped straight into my case gauge, rim first or mouth first. I then took the same resized cases and ran them through the GRX die. What I found was, it took a surprising amount of effort (same as un-sized brass) and, although the cases were already within SAAMI spec, the GRX still sized them down. It does do what it advertises but after using it, I don't think I'd feel comfortable recommending one for correcting serious bulges near the case head which, is it's intended purpose. On those cases, I think the safe thing is to toss 'em. Head separations have long been considered more prevalent in case-rolled brass and I would'nt be surprised if it isn't the case with the GRX once it's out there long enough to acquire a track record.
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