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Originally Posted by bno762 View Post
Ohhhh its not that easy here MR. Bob Howardifthatsyourrealname!! We will disect this problem for you and give you 1001 different reasons why your brass is bulging. Then and only then will we start working on whyat you should do about it. Then you will be required to post pics of said offending bulged brass w/pics of fixed brass. Then we will go into totally unrelated issues of why we all reload and why people that do not suck. So stick around for a bit.

Damn, I hope healthcare reform passes really soon... you need to be on meds... or a 5th of something strong.

Life is a little bit tragic but mostly magic... Learn to deal with the tragic and CHERISH THE MAGIC

A PACIFIST is someone who won't raise their hands to defend themselves...
A COWARD is someone who won't raise their hands to defend someone else.
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